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He won a full term in and went on to serve as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the cycle. Can this purple-state senator shine in a field that includes several colleagues, friends and even a former boss?

Eight candidates with science degrees that have a shot in the 2018 midterm elections

Now in his second term as mayor of New York City, De Blasio is a hometown foe of Donald Trump's running on the message that there's plenty of money in the country but it's in the wrong hands. With a progressive track record but a chorus of critics in New York, can this Democrat overcome his late start and win the chance to take on Trump? Several more candidates have not yet formally announced but have signaled that they are serious about jumping in the race. These are the candidates who have visited the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, are touring the country on book tours or keep appearing in national polls.

Still, a handful of other potential contenders appear less certain but should not be ruled out just yet.

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Potential candidates have visited Iowa or New Hampshire if they made a public appearance in the last 12 months. Releasing a book only includes books released by the candidate in or later doesn't include Kirsten Gillibrand's children's picture book. US elections Who is running for president? Illustrations by Alberto Miranda. Who is running? Andrew Yang Businessman Yang is a former tech executive and entrepreneur who is running the longest of long shot campaigns centered on the perils of automation.

Kirsten Gillibrand New York senator Years before the MeToo movement, the New York senator was leading efforts in Congress to combat sexual assault in the military and on college campuses. Cory Booker New Jersey senator The year-old senator from New Jersey first made a name as the hands-on mayor of Newark, rescuing women from fires and dogs from the freezing cold. John Hickenlooper Former Governor of Colorado Before he served two terms as governor of Colorado, the year-old Democrat worked as a geologist for a petroleum company.

Beto O'Rourke Former Texas congressman The Texan burst onto the national political stage when he mounted an unexpectedly strong challenge senator Ted Cruz. Tim Ryan Ohio congressman Elected to Congress in at just 29, Ryan represents the blue-collar voters Democrats hope to win back in Mike Gravel Former senator of Alaska Best-known for reading the Pentagon Papers on the Senate floor to filibuster against a draft extension of the Vietnam War, the year-old former Democratic Alaskan senator will be the oldest candidate to be run for the nomination.

Eric Swalwell California congressman Swalwell burst into national politics after defeating a Democratic incumbent who had served in the House for four decades. Seth Moulton Massachusetts congressman The Harvard educated Marine veteran arrived in Congress with a bang, after unseating a nine-term Democratic incumbent in a Massachusetts primary in Michael Bennet Colorado senator A cancer diagnosis nearly derailed his plans to run for president.

Bill de Blasio New York mayor Now in his second term as mayor of New York City, De Blasio is a hometown foe of Donald Trump's running on the message that there's plenty of money in the country but it's in the wrong hands. Who else might run? Steve Bullock Governor of Montana. I've been travelling the country, but that's as far as it goes.

Stacey Abrams Former Georgia state congresswoman.

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I intend to make a decision Mitch Landrieu Former New Orleans mayor. I never say never. Andrew Cuomo Governor of New York. Terry McAuliffe Former governor of Virginia. I have decided that the most good I can do is in [Virginia]. Andrew Gillum Former Tallahassee mayor.

No, I am not running for president in Jeff Merkley Oregon senator. I am not running for president. Sherrod Brown Ohio senator. The best place for me to fight is in the United States Senate.

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  4. Richard Ojeda West Virginia state senator. On healthcare, Weld opts to reform the Affordable Care Act to provide a free market with more choices.

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    He may also face criticism for a lack of party loyalty. Four years later, he reversed again to endorse Mitt Romney over Obama. Moreover, Weld has long been a critic of Trump. After running a failed presidential primary campaign in , former Ohio governor Kasich is considering another bid. He also wants to revise the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid. Like Weld, Kasich also has a few beliefs that lean moderate. He supports Dreamers those who were brought to the U. While he wants to protect the Second Amendment, Kasich has also advocated for background checks and increased attention to mental illness.

    Debt is a bad idea. Family separation is a bad idea. Demonizing immigrants is a bad idea. Gabbard, 37, has represented Hawaii in the U. House since She previously served in Iraq. Gabbard is likely to draw support from Sanders backers. Yang is a tech entrepreneur who created the test-preparation company Manhattan Prep and then Venture for America, which tries to incubate start-ups outside New York and the Bay Area, and which is based in New York. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

    House in Williamson has a lot of fans, but whether they really want her as president is another question.

    The dentist and prior state senator: Jeff van Drew

    A senator from New Jersey, he was previously the social-media-savvy mayor of Newark. He launched his campaign on February 1. In the Senate, Booker has been big on criminal-justice reform, including marijuana liberalization. He has recently embraced progressive ideas including Medicare for All and some sort of universal nest egg for children. Look, many people thought a young black mayor from Florida would run in To be your champion. People who know him seem to like him, but Miramar has barely more than , residents.

    Can he win? Sure, Messam won a national championship as a wide receiver for the Florida State Seminoles. Can he win the presidency? Um, no. Abrams ran unsuccessfully for governor of Georgia in and was previously the Democratic leader in the state House. Not at the moment, but she has not ruled it out. Abrams has drawn excitement from young Democrats, the liberal wing of the party, and African Americans. Brown told the Youngstown Vindicator on March 7 that he will not run.

    Why did he want to run? Who wanted him to run? Leftist Democrats who though Sanders is too old and Elizabeth Warren too weak a candidate; lots of dudes in union halls in Northeast Ohio. Like Warren, Brown has a very good dog. McAuliffe holds up his governorship as proof that he can be a problem solver and deal maker across the aisle, and his Clintonesque politics would have contrasted him with many of the candidates in the field.

    2020 Election - 5 Republicans Who Might Run For President (Why Donald Trump will be the GOP Nominee)

    The billionaire former mayor of New York, Bloomberg is a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat-again. Bloomberg announced on March 5 in Bloomberg , natch that he would not run. A Bloomberg bid would likely have centered on his pet issues of gun control, climate change, and fighting the more fiscally liberal wing of the Democratic Party tooth and silver-plated nail.

    What, was his considerable ego not enough? Could he have won the nomination? Bloomberg has also previously toyed with an independent run, but says that would only help Trump in Holder was the U. After toying with the idea, he wrote in The Washington Post on March 7 that he would not run. Holder has three big areas of interest: redistricting, civil rights, and beating Donald Trump by all means necessary.

    Tough to say. Landrieu served as the mayor of New Orleans from to It seems unlikely. Like the other mayors contemplating a run, Landrieu considers himself a problem-solver. Cuomo is the governor of New York. He was formerly the secretary of housing and urban development under Bill Clinton. Though he's long toyed with the idea, Cuomo said in November , "I am ruling it out. One can adopt a Freudian analysis related to his father's unfinished business, or one can note that Cuomo thinks he's got more management experience and success, including working with Republicans, than any Democratic candidate.

    Practically no one. Cuomo's defenders bristle that he doesn't get enough credit, but his work with Republicans has infuriated Empire State Democrats without winning any real GOP friends. Garcetti flirted with the idea, visiting South Carolina and naming a hypothetical Cabinet full of mayors, but said on January 29 that he would not run. Garcetti was reelected in a landslide in , but he had no apparent national constituency. Come on. Nope nope nope nope. A retired California hedge-funder, Steyer has poured his fortune into political advocacy on climate change and flirted with running for office.

    United States House of Representatives elections - Wikipedia

    He announced on January 9 that he would sit the race out. Impeachment , baby. There must be some Resistance faction out there that did. He filed for reelection the day of his inauguration, though some speculate that he might decide not to follow through. Build the wall, Keep America Great , etc. Consistently about 35 to 40 percent of the country; a small majority consistently says he should not. While his low approval ratings overall have stoked talk of a primary challenge, Trump remains very popular among Republican voters, and as president has broad power to muscle the GOP process to protect himself.

    There is nothing else new and interesting to know about Trump. Why is he running?

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    This logo is so cool. Kasich recently finished up two terms as governor of Ohio, previously served in the U. House, and ran in the GOP primary. No, and it seems he won't. Kasich has long wanted to be president—he ran, quixotically, in But Kasich has styled himself as a vocal Trump critic, and sees himself as an alternative to the president who is both truer to conservative principles and more reliable and moral.