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Inspirational Stay Strong Quotes will prevent you from giving up! If you or somebody from your surrounding feel the lack of courage to struggle with problems, just remember that everything is temporary! You are not alone, and the best way out is to relax and lighten up with the help of Stay Strong Quotes! How can I stay strong and positive when I have an endless list of problems to cope with?

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Even if everything seems fine now, you never know when will be the next time you face the hard times again, so read stay strong quotes anyway. What do we all want from life?

Your priests, your words of gratitude

Most people want to know that their life has been worth living. Anyway Josh run back into the house and said Dad open your pockets to which Ste did Josh then kissed his hand then placed it into stes pockets, there you go dad a pocket full of kisses so if you get scared open your pocket and take a kiss from me that will help you. Its such a simple thing but how sweet.

The teacher used to say whats in your pockets Joshua to which he would reply just something special from my mummy. If only we all thought like children the world would be so simple. Thank you Collette for that heartwarming story. And what a thoughtful loving boy your Joshua is. That action must have made you and your husband very proud of him and quite rightly so.

It reminded me of my own son when he was a young lad, but for different reasons more years ago than I like to admit to incidentally. Do you remember many years ago we had a very dry hot summer? I had just come indoors from doing some woodturning and had been using some very dusty timber and as I was very hot and thirsty, downed at least two glasses of water. My mother in law was visiting us at the time and remarked to my son Paul, "your dads a right old boozer".

We thought no more about until about it until two months later my wife took him into the bakers shop. A woman that worked in there knew me and asked my son how I was. He replied, "my dads a right old boozer!!!!!!! I wouldn't have minded quite so much but I don't even drink anything alcoholic.

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  4. Reading so many stories on this site and the support that families give reminds me of the support my dear wife has given me. Right from an early age I knew my real father was a Canadian soldier. He went back to Canada at the end of the war when I was only about eighteen months old. My mother and I were due to follow him but although I don't know the details it all fell apart and they ended up getting divorced.

    Just over twenty one years ago, my dear wife pushed me into finding my father. She had tried before but I had adopted the attitude, he hasn't bothered about finding me so why should I bother, but this time she was more insistent and determined. I finally caved in and agreed and we were recommended to contact The Salvation Army family tracing unit.

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    We sent off what scant details we had and just three months later they phoned my wife to say that had made contact with him and he was very happy for us to make contact with him. It was on the day of our wedding aniversary and she phoned me at work to tell me the great news. I found out over the next few weeks I have three sisters and two brothers in Canada and I also found I had a sister living just a hours drive away from where I live in England, all thanks to my wife. Just over two years ago, my wife once more pushed me I need a lot of pushing at times as I can be very stubborn into going to see my doctor.

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    Since retiring I had been washing up and every time I heard the tap water running, I had to run to the loo. I, as a man knew better than my wife and told her, it's not like I can call a plumber out to fix me a new tap washer. But after several months more passed, she put her hands on her hips and I knew I was in trouble this time. I was told in no uncertain term if I didn't see the doctor she would drag me there and she meant it.

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    By doing so, I believe she saved my life for after seeing the doctor and hospital tests, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a PSA of I have since heard of someone whose PSA was 79, and sadly he is no longer with us as his cancer had migrated from the prostate and ended up in his brain. That could so easily have been me, had my wife not taken action when she did.

    We guys sometime think we know it all but it has proved to me, that in future I should listen to my wife more. As someone on this site who I like to think of as a friend wrote recently, my wife has on one hand found me a family I never knew, and has also saved my life, and that is something I can never fully repay her for. I thought I would like to share this story with you all. Not quite in the mode of this thread but this little quote that I saw in a Guildford shop window whilst hanging around waiting for surgeons to remove a bowel cancer secondary from my wife's liver seemed quite cool:.

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    Tony Robbins: Stop Your Negative Thinking (Tony Robbins Depression)

    Register now. Search for discussions or people. Best wishes to you all, Brian. Just what a girl needs when the blues are threatening Lol xxx. So I shall tell you about a time when I was on chemo. Even though I was very sick and felt nauseated most of the time, I still craved food. I eat every scrap! When the time came for the final chapter,. The future of entertainment will be written by young women on their phones. And the future is already here.

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    In , year-old Anna Todd typed the. Every year, I ask my dad what he wants for Father's Day. Every year, he says, "Don't get me anything. Come inside, kick up your heels. Let's get comfortable.

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