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If you had all the time and money you needed to create your dream life, what would it look like? What kind of life would you be living if age, gender, time, money, education and experience were not factors? How can you possibly have a life so grand? How can you make a living and yet have the time to explore ruins and contemplate art? How can you press the pause button long enough to create anything new? I get it! You desperately try to find balance but it never seems as if you have enough hours in the day.

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Maybe you see other women who have it all figured out. You see them fearlessly creating big dreams and you wonder how they do it all. You wonder if you need more education or money or time. You wonder what others will think if you make a big change.

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So you put your big dreams aside for another day and you continue to live in the gap… that place that stretches from where you are now to where you want to be. Although you have a dream, making it happen is the hard part.

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The very idea scares the heck out of you! A beautiful freedom-filled dream life! I only work with women who are ready to make big changes, gain insights and shift their beliefs! Throughout the course of this program, you will also be learning how to take better care of yourself so you have the energy to greet each day with enthusiasm. They will understand you and support you because they know what you are going through. They will be replaced with positive new beliefs that will motivate you and guide you as you step into your shiny new dream life.

Meditation and mindfulness will become a habit that you look forward to.

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The practice of gratitude will become a habit as you come to understand the laws of attraction and abundance. You will learn how demonstrations of giving will open you up an increase in time, money and freedom. Limiting beliefs will fade away as you increase your sense of deserving. This is a powerful module that will change you forever!

Do your fears keep you from moving forward? Who will you ask to pack your parachute?

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Building a solid support system is key to achieving your dreams. You also learn how to increase abundance in all areas of your life. Forgiveness and gratitude play a huge role in the success of your dream. You learn how to keep up your success momentum as you follow your passions and live the life of your dreams! Not included in group coaching pricing. Details coming soon. Why in the world did I think everything had to be so freaking hard?

Not compete with with her Yoga and other services. The question was how to accomplish this without losing traffic to her current site. I wanted to keep the site simple.

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