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Sometimes the jockeys would give us lumps of sugar to hold out to them and there was a thrill when the soft warm lips touched our palms ever so gently as they picked up the sugar. The jockeys were wizened little men, at least they had men faces on boy bodies, and I always felt very sorry for them. Someone had told me that they never had enough to eat, that they were forced to starve and even to give up water and go thirsty sometimes, in order to keep their weights down.

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When the dinner horn would sound we would troop in to Miss Mollie's dinner table, laden with fried chicken and crackling bread and corn and crowder peas, all this to be replaced later by cakes and pies or watermelons if they were in season. And I would think sadly of the hungry little boy-men whom we had left at the stables and wonder what they would do if I dared to sneak them out a piece of cake.

After dinner, we would all go back to the track and watch the jockeys gallop the horses. Uncle Bill had a stop watch and he and Papa would time the horses. It was all very exciting. There was one mare, Tokalon, that Papa and Uncle Bill seemed especially interested in, and well they might have been, as I will explain later. As we drove back to town, Mama would try to dampen our enthusiasm as she did not hold with horse-racing nor gambling. When Papa said that Bill Fuller was an honest gambler, Mama gave her little sniff and said: "Don't talk to me about an honest gambler, Mr.

The two terms 'honest' and 'gambler' are simply not compatible. Wynne', she was speaking in dead earnest and on these rare occasions, he gave her his respectful attention. Fuller had always dreamed of winning a really important race with a horse born and bred on his Texas farm and every resident of Wills Point shared in that dream.

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On the days when the horses were loaded on the train to be sent to the races, the whole town came to watch. There were special cars built for them, with slatted windows and upholstered sides, big thick padding so that they would not be bruised when the train stopped suddenly. Before the horses were led up the loading ramp, they had white cloths tied over their eyes. Their dainty feet stepped delicately onto the ramp as if they were stepping on egg shells, and each one would give a pitiful neigh as he left the ground. I remember thinking, as the train pulled out and steamed away, how the horses must feel strange now that they are riding instead of being ridden, and hoping that the white cloths would be taken off so that they could see the Indian pinks and butter-cups and blue gentian that always grew along the railroad right-of-way, just out of Wills Point in the spring.

One spring Bill Fuller's dream of winning a really important race with a horse that had been born and bred on his Texas ranch finally came true.

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A young mare named Tokalon won the Brooklyn Handicap. The horses were leaving New York in their padded car when the train was wrecked. Our phone rang in the middle of the night and the operator said. Buck Wynne. Bill, yes this is Buck. You don't tell me. I'm sorry to hear that. Was Tokalon hurt? What can I do Bill? Come to New York?

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Certainly, I can. Don't talk to any railroad lawyer till I get there. Yes, I understand. I'll take a hack and come straight to the Astor House. Keep your mouth shut till I get there! Fuller wanted him to come to New York at once. Recipes look so healthy and tempting. Despites I love my English brunch breakfast, I will cook shakshuka tomorrow morning!

I am inspiring my business partners to try it out too and hashtag fmnewstarsshakshuka fmgirlscooking it tomorrow morning or lunchtime. What really inspired me are good history stories. Thanks to your grandpa! I have not tried it yet, but this beautiful, touching, and inspiring story makes me want to try it even more. I know I will be thinking of your grandmother when I attempt to make this dish. Thanks for sharing! May you grandparents souls rest in peace. I started out looking for a saffron couscous recipe and came across your page. My grandparents were married 72 years, so their story is likely similar to that of your grandparents.

My grandmother passed away at over years of age possibly , there is a discrepancy in the records of the time. But I will. Tori, Thank you for this recipe and the wonderful remembrance of your grandparents. A couple of years ago I probably would have had a different reaction to it, but since then both my parents have passed away and I completely understand the part about your missing them every day. How wonderful that you were able to weave a tribute to them with this recipe you developed, and manner of serving, with them in mind. I look forward to trying it soon! But I may just try some variations, as I am wont to do.

Perhaps some nicely sauteed onion, or scallions would round out the flavors even more? The cilantro sounds lovely, but I think parsley might also be worth a try. It is so hard. Mine influenced me in so many ways. Enjoy the recipe! I tried this, it was great! The lemony flavor really worked with the cousous, and such a pretty dish. Thank you! Hi Tori, I made this last night and used Israeli couscous instead of the smaller kind.

It came out so nice, wow what a symphony of flavors. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes.

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Tori, I make couscous all the time and look for different recipes. But what are saffron threads and where do I puchase it? Honoring your grandparents in such a beautiful and practical! What a beautiful tribute to your grandparents! Tori- I just finnished making this Lemony Saffron Couscous and it is delightful! Thank you for offering such delicious and healrthy recipes; I have recently been following a vegan diet, and your recipes are perfect to adapt…Shalom!

I have to give a credit!!! You never forgot your gratitude for your grand parents. How much couscous contain carb? This was so great to read about my aunt and uncle…so much I never knew. I remember the ranch and staying there with my family once when Aunt Lois and Uncle Clary traveled to Europe. We had a fantastic time and created some very wonderful memories there.

Panned for gold in the stream, swam in the pond, hiked all over, saw the grinding stones behind the house, and loved exploring the yr old house on the property. My mom your Great Aunt Rita was lucky enough to go on a trip with your grandparents to Europe one time and it was one of the highlights of her life, she was so greatful to them to include her on their travels.

I never knew your parents anniversary date coincidence my bd is Feb. Warm Regards to your family, Kerry. Oh wow Tori — such great memories and wonderful photos. My mom spoke fondly of how wonderful the trip was and how much she learned from your Grandad and Grandma. Thanks so much for sharing this — I am sharing it with my brother and sisters and their offspring. I am curious — where is the house that they built in the Santa Cruz area I live here in Santa Cruz and would love to find the home?

What should we serve with the couscous? Maybe a kabob? Best regards, Gil B. Tori…Thanks so much for sharing your great tribute to Mom and Dad!! Great photos, too. I remember Mom trying out her new found recipes on us every time we visited…yum, yum. Tori, your childhood memories of your grandparents had me choking back tears. What an incredibly beautiful tribute, to your incredible grandparents, by a beautiful and remarkable granddaughter. They must be so proud of you. I know this dish will be dedicated in the hearts of all who serve it, to your Grama and Grandpa Avey.

Thank you for sharing. At first, the cilantro seemed wrong to me thinking mint or parsley or both would be better , but as I thought about it, the touch of cayenne and cilantro seemed a nice spark to the the grainy couscous and thickly flavored chickpea. What a love filled beautiful post about your fabulous globetrotting grandparents. This couscous looks so flavorful and elegant laid out on that lovely blue plate. Tori, how lucky you are to have had such wonderful grandparents in your life! I just loved reading this story about them and their adventures.

Your grandma was quite fashion forward, and her wedding dress is fabulous! What a great life they led, all their travels, pursuing their passions that included their children and grandchildren. I love lemon anything! I will think of your grandparents when I make it, thank you for sharing it.

What a beautiful remembrance of your Grandparents on their anniversary. Thank you for sharing their story and such a delicious recipe made in their honor. I was so moved by your recollections of your grandparents. Thanks for sharing that part of your life with us. I really enjoyed seeing the photos. The dish is remarkable and meaningful. Food with a story behind it always made me smile. Much love. Published February 1, - Last Updated August 12, Servings 8 servings. Prep Time 5 minutes.

Lemony Saffron Couscous

Cook Time 25 minutes. Kosher Key Parve or Meat. Total Time 30 minutes. Calories kcal. Print Recipe. Description Recipe for Lemony Saffron Couscous, a savory side dish with lemon, chickpeas, pine nuts and cilantro. US Customary - Metric. Instructions Pour saffron threads into a mortar and crush them into powder. Nutrition Facts. Calories Calories from Fat Vitamin A 1.

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