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How to get invited to the Captain’s Table

I enjoy her insights and comments to this day. Thank you for coming to S7S's defense. I've been doing it frequently lately while she has been unable to type to some poster's satisfaction. Glad to see someone else doing it!

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S7S has quite a background and has lots of VERY useful information and anecdotes to pass on to all of us. It does not take much to understand what she is typing. I have dined at the captains table many times, without needing suites. On Celebrity it was because my wife spoke Greek! On Regal, we were friends with the captain. Of course, being an airplane pilot didn't hurt! However, the best was when I invited Nick Bates, staff captain of QE2 to join me and our friends for dinner.

I had met up with him previously for drinks on a prior cruise and, sure enough, he was there! My injured hand is slowly healing and hopfully, my typingweill soon improve. Thank you or you patiendffe with all my typos. Anyone who doersn't want to put upwewith it should put mr on their 'ignore. We had the ship's doctor and his wife join us on a formal night on a Holland America cruise.

They explained that HAL encourages available officers to join tables on the formal nights. In our case, we had two vacant spaces at our table. The cruise line provided wine for the table that night, but our menus were the same as the rest of the dining room.

I've read about dining with the captain with a different menu from the rest of the dining room. We are not Dutch.

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All of the gentlemen were in tuxes. One waitperson for each two guests, with all meals being served simultaneously and a unique menu by a senior chef, for each of the dinners. We have really enjoyed these dinners and the opportunity to speak informally with the senior leadership of HAL and of the ship on which we were sailing. I want to thank you VERY much for the explanation. I certainly wasn't going to ask, but I did notice your typing went from "normal" to I hope you heal up quick.

I've always enjoyed your posts! Glad things are getting better S7S. You are so right that about an injury can happen to anyone at any time! Sail7Seas -- let me add my good wishes for a speedy recovery to the others that have been expressed here. I noticed your absence from the boards, earlier this year, and was relieved to see that you had returned.

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As for your typing difficulties, just do what I do: blame 'auto-correct' for everything! And, not to get too far off-topic, you expressed doubt that you would be invited to the Captain's table, as a solo cruiser. I have several female friends who cruise solo on Celebrity, and are regularly invited to dine with the Captain or other Senior Officers.

However, you might be a little disappointed in the experience on Celebrity, lately. They have done away with formal nights, and replaced them with 'Evening Chic'.

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How to Sit at the Captain's Table | Getaway USA

We wondered how we had been selected — no idea. The Staff Captain joined us and we made our way to the dining room, giving a little wave to our usual table mates along the way. Finding our seats, I was delighted to find I had been seated next to the man himself, so during a quiet moment, I thanked him for the invitation and whispered to him that I had no idea how it was that we came to be sitting there that night.

I invited you. Imagine our surprise! I was 10years old when we left Australia and it was a rather rough sea with high waves, in the Indian Ocean….. Happy as I was, I went back to our cabin, that had a porthole, which was about sealevel. After dinner we went to the Ball Room, that evening the bandmembers were smiling and laughing…. The Captain asked me for a dance….

I was so very proud….. I still have a photograph of me playing the drums! Thanks so much, Marion and Andree for sharing these sweet stories with us! Those who can hold an educated conversation. Slacks and a shirt are the order of the day. Once you hit the top tier, chances are you would have been able to meet and become friendly with the captain on your travels — just remember not to ask for an invitation straight away; these things have to be earned, you know….

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Cruise lines get so many requests like this from agents, but it would be remiss of us to leave it out. What better way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or honeymoon than with a cruise? A celebration is something else you can mention to your travel agent — anything positive that will set you apart from other passengers is a good thing. In the cruising world, this means repeat cruisers to the cruise line and those staying in a high-end suite.