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The previous year, when it had been the theme song for the movie, it had not really taken off. Performed live by Frank, it became a show-stopper. It was in , in Los Angeles, that he made the recording that endures today. It came over as a new, defiant personal statement as much as a paean to a city. Sinatra the wise showman allowed the applause and the cheers to reach a high decibel peak, and descend into a deliciously tense, expectant silence. Sinatra the artist would bring the audience along the heights again, but on his terms.

He puffed on a cigarette, sipped from a glass of wine. We have to take it out of the overture. Of course, all during this period, all during that year, he started to grow with the song, and he started to put it into the shape that it eventually took.

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Of course he may decide a number of years later to start all over again with a completely new treatment. Between August and September of that year, however, he felt his take on the tune had so improved that he should remake the number, doing it on the same date that he was also tackling part of the Billy May portion of the package. He had kept growing with that song, and by the time we were recording in Hollywood, it had grown that much more.

I want to do it over again. He can be counted on to bring down the house with it at every show, particularly those in New York City area. In the hands —or tonsils, rather- of Sinatra, it exemplifies the anger and the optimism, the ambition and the excrement that is New York. And that is also Sinatra. The title song written by John Kander and Fred Ebb and belted out by Liza was such an incredibly powerful number that I suddenly realized it was perfect for Frank.

It would be great for him because of his connection with New York, but I was convinced it would be a huge hit internationally too. When I first suggested that he record it, though, he dismissed my idea out of hand. His loyalty was touching.

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Fortunately, I had several people on my side, including friends, fellow musicians, and executives at his record company, who were all of it. Try it out there and see what happens. A year later Frank relented and recorded what was to become a Sinatra anthem. Those albums went straight to number one and garnered six Grammy nominations.

New York New York became the closer, and nothing has ever come along, and nothing ever will, as I see it. The greatest city in the whole world. Live At Meadowlands.

And you know it well. Just you and me for a lil bit. You know this song very well.

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