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Forbid the heavenly God so great That I shouldbecome the Lindworm's mate. Show More Show Less. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Unfreedom of The Press by Mark R. Levin , Hardcover The Book of Enoch by Enoch , Paperback Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Linda McCartney. You may also like. Bible Vintage Paperback Books. Books George R. Special trees are considered in Greece dangerous to lie under in summer and at noon, as exposing one to be taken by the nereids or fairies, especially plane, poplar, fig, nut, and St John's bread: Schmidt, Volksleben der Neugriechen, p.

The elder and the linden are favorites of the elves in Denmark. Some Slavic ballads open in a similar way, but there is nothing noteworthy in that: see p.

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Ritson, p. Miss Joanna Baillie tried her hand at an imitation, but the jocosity of the real thing is not feminine. A fool sings this stanza from such a song in Wager's comedy, ' The longer thou livest, the more fool thou art,' put at about ; see Furnivall, Captain Cox, his Ballads and Books, p.

Mr Halliwell-Phillips as above says that "an immense variety of songs and catches relating to Tommy Linn are known throughout the country.

There is no connection between the song and the ballad beyond the name: the song is no parody, no burlesque, of the ballad, as it has been called. Translated, after Scott, by Schubart, p. See also: Child's Notes for additions and corrections from Child's later volumes. Sources A. Communicated by Burns. Motherwell's NIS. Maidment's New Book of Old Ballads, p. Text THE first twenty-two stanzas of B differ from the corresponding ones in A, , omitting 16, by only a few words, and there are other agreements in the second half of these versions.

B First dip me in a stand of milk, And then in a stand of water; Haud me fast, let me na gas, I 'll be your bairnie's father has an occult and very important significance which has only very lately been pointed out, and which modern reciters had completely lost knowledge of, as appears by the disorder into which the stanzas have fallen 7. Immersion in a liquid, generally water, but sometimes milk, is a process requisite for passing from a non-human shape, produced by enchantment, back into the human, and also for returning from the human to a non-human state, whether produced by enchantment or original.

We have seen that the serpent which Lanzelet kisses, in Ulrich's romance, is not by that simple though essential act instantly turned into a woman. It is still necessary that she should bathe in a spring p. In an Albanian tale, 'Taubenliebe,' Hahn, No The princess answering Yes, the dove says, Then have a dish of milk ready to-morrow, and you shall see what a handsome man I am. Footnotes These are the concluding verses, coming much nearer to the language of this world than the rest. They may have a basis of tradition: Whar they war aware o the Fairy Ring, A huntan wi his train.

Four an twenty gentlemen Cam by on steeds o brown ; In his hand ilk bore a siller wand, On his head a siller crown. Four an twenty beltit knichts On daiplit greys cam by ; Gowden their wands an crowns, whilk scanct Like streamers in the sky. Return to main text "Tamlane : an old Scottish Border Ballad. Aberdeen, Lewis and James Smith, Return to main text Restoration from enchantment is effected by drinking blood, in other ballads, as Grundtvig, No 55, 11, , No 58, If, ; in No 56, 11, , by a maid in falcon shape eating of a bit of flesh which her lover had cut from his breast. Return to main text The silence of the Cretan fairy, as B.

That a firm grip and a fearless one would make any sea-god do your will would appear from the additional instances of Menelaus and Protens, in Odyssey, IV, and of Hercules and Nereus, Apollodorus, II, 5, 11, 4, Scholia in Apollonii Argonaut. Proteus masks as lion, snake, panther, boar, running water, tree; Nereus as water, fire, or, as Apollodorus says, in all sorts of shapes. Bacchus was accustomed to transform himself when violence was done him, but it is not recorded that he was ever brought to terms like the watery divinities. See Mannhardt Wald-und Feldkulte, II, , who also well remarks that the tales of the White Ladies, who, to be released from a ban, must be kissed three times in various shapes, as toad, wolf, snake, etc.

Feldkulte, Il, 64 ff. The disorder in the stanzas of A at this place has of course been rectified. In Scott's version, I, transformations are added at random from C, after the dipping in milk and in water, which seems indeed to have been regarded by the reciters only as a measure for cooling red-hot iron or the burning gleed, and not at the act essential for restoration to the human nature.

Return to main text Possibly the holy water in D 17, G 32, is a relic of the water-bath. Return to main text In the MS. By rending, in 33 1 , I'll turn, and putting 33 after 34, we should have the order of events which we find in A. That Tam Lin should go into water or milk as a dove or snake, or in some other of his temporary forms, and come out a man, is the only disposition which is consistent with the order of the world to which he belongs. Mannhardt gives us a most curious and interesting insight into some of the laws of that world in Wald- u. Feldkulte, II, Another king offers his daughter in marriage, and the Cashmere king, to keep his secret, accepts the proposal.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


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The Serpent Knight and Other Ballads

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The Serpent Knight and Other Ballads

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